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maria mariscal




Glow is an installation piece about my personal identity. Throughout my upbringing as a child of Mexican immigrants, a dichotomy developed within myself. As my personality and preferences developed ,through the exposure of both Mexican and American culture, I received mockery from both my family and peers. I was placed in a limbo of not being "Mexican" enough for my family, yet I wasn't "American" enough for my friends. To this day, I still face instances of criticism in this form. I know there are others that face a situation similar to mine, so I created this piece to let them know that they aren't alone, and they don't need to hide or be ashamed of who they are. 


Glow is a space illuminated by blacklight. It consists of over 100 oozing cacti spines and a single flower that are dispersed throughout the ceiling, walls and floor. In the corner of the room there are 5 cacti sculptures called "Indigno Nopal" , a piece about self-cultural affirmation. 


To hear more about Indigno Nopal, check out my artist talk.