(kyra berman-gestring)


“As without, so within” 

2022. Place-based installation. 

Hand-dyed fabric, cyanotype prints, plastic, dirt, human hair, roses, dried leaves, matches, cotton, twigs, avocado plant, calendula petals, tea bag, dirt. 

“As without, so within” reflects on the tenuousness of existence and the imprints left behind, when something ceases to be. 

Through the process of cyanotype printing, ghostly images of sentimental objects and the natural world are stitched together into one quilt. My grandfather’s saw lies next to the wilting roses from my neighbor's yard. The crocheted blanket my partner’s Abuela made was patchworked together with the tusks of a hog my father killed. 

This fragile unification of objects with nature begs the question of inheritance. The objects passed on from those who came before us, the quilt an heirloom for those who come next. And what is the legacy embedded in the land that bears witness? 

This place-based artwork is inspired by the impending destruction of the building to give rise to luxury housing. What came before this building? What will come after? Who’s home will be made here? Who’s homeland is it built upon? How does our time on this land connect us to those who came before us, and those who will come after us?