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Earth: Embodied Terrains


Through the physicality of working within the landscape that surrounds me, I explore the interstices of my internal terrain and the physical geography around me. This investigation is often done through labor, working by hand to become attuned to my surroundings.


 The soil for this project was collected from places I have lived since I moved to California in 2015. It was dug by hand, to create intimacy with this land that does not know me- a desire to call it home. This displaced earth is arranged reflect the experience of coming to know this place.  It is shaped by maps and memory, each mud sculpture with its own horizon and altitude.

Just as one’s perspective changes as they move across the landscape, as you wander through this space, you will see new horizons and connections present themselves to you.


As I worked on this piece, I thought a lot about how this land has changed me- and how it has been changed by those before me, and how it will change again. This work, like all things, is ephemeral.


*This installation is intended to be a contemplative space, so please feel free to use one of the meditation cushions placed outside of the door if you would like to sit for a while.