14.3497° N, 108.0005° E, 2022

Suspended sculpture made using High Density Polyethylene tubing, remanent plastics

180" x 42" x 42"


14.3497° N, 108.0005° E are the coordinates for Kon Tom, Viet Nam. I first visited Kon Tom, my wife's hometown, in 2018. Located in Viet Nam's Central Highlands region, Kon Tom's farming community specializes in the cultivation of coffee, peppercorn, cassava and rubber latex. 


This suspended sculpture is a horizontal iteration of one of the impromptu momentary installations I did during that visit. The original momentary installation vertically coiled up and around a mature rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) in one of Kom Tom's many rubber tree groves. It was my first time seeing a rubber tree and how latex is harvested from a living tree and where my wife grew up. To me, recreating this piece, suspending it in a new orientation, in a new location alongside other artists for an in-person audience underscores how coordinates connect everything together.