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Child of helmuth



Camp TGTG - Ice Pac


Echoing the vast inventory of commercial office spaces sitting unused during the pandemic, the vacant PACSAT headquarters offices would mean one thing to a corporation: an untapped revenue source. So as artist transplants from the Bay Area, keenly familiar with startup culture, we responded to the space as a corporate-funded startup might: by setting up a lifestyle showroom designed to monetize empty office spaces while cynically positioning ourselves as an innovative and approachable company. Camp TGTG just wants to provide fun and quirky experiences to folks who value the creative upcycling of resources.   

The showroom features set pieces to help the public envision their stay at Ice Pac. A ficus tree and spooky storytelling campfire are standard amenities in every camproom. But, as with any public company, creative output has to be conferenced to death to be on-brand and liability free.

The Camp TGTG - Ice PAC showroom gives viewers a glimpse into what drones with office-withdrawal syndrome need now more than ever: Spending their down time in the office.